How it works…

Everyone taking part will be using their purchased game of FM Touch 2019 using the ‘Versus’ game mode in either a knockout tournament of up to 32 teams or in a league. Managers can take part in paid or free competitions. Unless it’s a conditioned competition you are welcome to import your team and tactics, or use what’s available.

If you enter a prize competition you may need to pay an entry fee – a request will be sent upon you completing an Entry Request. Upon paying the PayPal request you will receive the login details for the competition. Log in and competition times will be confirmed, you will then join the game – remember one entry is one team, so don’t go putting in additional managers as this may result you being kicked from the game and possibly future competitions. You should also never share log in details.

Most tournaments will consist of between 8 and 32 teams and will require a minimum amount of human players for the game to start. The more paying human managers, the more the prize money will be. So for example…


Final PositionPrize Money
Losing Semi-Finalists£15 each
CashPot Builder£4.65
Total Payout:£254.65

However, if there were only 8 human managers the winner would only receive £36.13.


What’s the CashPot Builder?..

With every paid competition a small percentage will go to the CashPot Builder – this can be used for a number of different games. We might decide to hold a ‘free entry’ game with the funds to distribute the prize money, a ‘winner takes all’ game or even an exclusive ‘Champion of Champions’ competition.

Hosts or Organisers will have the chance to take part in these competitions too, but this is the good bit…If they win ANY prize money, it goes into the CashPot Builder!


Game crashes…

If the Organiser’s game crashes for any reason it will be re-booted at the ‘last save’ point, which will be after every round of games. If your own game crashes please try to re-join the game as possible, we cannot re-load the game if this happens as it would simply be unfair to other participants.


Going forward…

Hopefully as time goes on we’ll get better and you’ll return for that competitive gaming feel. We are hoping to add leagues and maybe some exclusive sponsorship paid tournaments, but for the moment we are just taking baby steps. If you have any feedback or ideas please feel free to contact us.